Non-Formal Education
for all.

With love and passion for quality.

Our Work

Designing and facilitating training activities for organizations of all shapes and sizes. The whole implementation cycle from idea development and need analysis to the comprehensive reporting.

We work to create Non-Formal Educational activities with unique atmosphere and lasting impact, and we enjoy every moment of it.

We deliver trainings in

  • Innovative methodologies in education
  • Gamification and educational game design
  • Intercultural and intergenerational learning
  • Human rights
  • Gender equality and mainstreaming
  • Active citizenship and community building
  • Democratic values and European solidarity

We tailor our courses in direct dialogue with every client, ensuring the full potential of Non-Formal Education is unlocked for specific target group.

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Who We Help

We create activities for groups of all sizes and backgrounds, and focus especially on Youth workers and youth leaders of all kinds.
NGO members, Volunteers, as well as Management and administrative workers.

We work with a vast network of stakeholder in Nordic countries, Europe, and globally.
This approach gives us truly international scope. From Prague, to Greenland, from Kyiv to Canary Islands, we create activities that unites and inspire.

Our Trainers

Our trainers have a proven track record of successful projects in the NGO sector, coaching and teaching multicultural teams for over 8 years.
With backgrounds in academia, NGO, management, and private sector, our team works tirelessly to bring greatest impact to your colleagues and trainees.

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